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Profiles in XLence: Natalie Weimer







This month’s Profiles in XLence features marketing manager Natalie Weimer, who has been with the company since 2014.


1. How long have you been with XL, and what is your role?

I started working at XL as a marketing manager in February, 2014.   In this role, I develop marketing, brand and communication strategies, and implement inbound and outbound marketing activities including tradeshows, webinars, blogs, our website, online and print advertising and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

2. What is the best part of your job, or a favorite project you’ve been involved with, and why?


My favorite part of my job has been helping to morph our company from an unknown start-up into the leader in fleet electrification solutions.  This included launching the company’s brand redesign from XL Hybrids to XL, and developing a style guide and supporting materials needed to ensure a strong and consistent brand identity.

I also love developing lead generation activities including events, webinars, on-line advertising and e-communications to drive year-over-year revenue growth.  There’s nothing better than seeing a lead turn into a sale!

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Profiles in XLence: Natalie Weimer

In the News: The Municipal


As more cities across North America continue to put forth ambitious carbon reduction goals, municipal fleet managers are increasingly being tasked with making the changes needed to turn those lofty sustainability targets into reality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency now recognizes transportation as the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so municipal fleets are becoming a central area of focus for city and state governments looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

This trend, coupled with an increasing demand among city residents and society in general to “go green,” has led municipal fleet managers to consider alternative fuel vehicles for their work trucks. Electric powertrains have proven to be an enticing and increasingly popular option among consumer and commercial vehicles alike. However, all-electric, aka battery electric vehicles (BEVs), can still pose significant challenges for many types of fleets — especially those who travel longer distances or in rural areas on their routes.

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In the News: The Municipal