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What Customer Success Means to XL

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Hi! My name is Jane Walsh, and my job at XL is to help you do your job more effectively.  How?  By digging deep into the details of your hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to make sure they’re performing at their best, and that you understand the value they’re delivering to your operations.

As XL’s first-ever senior customer success manager, it is my responsibility to understand your needs, analyze the vast amount of operational data we collect on your hybrid/plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and then summarize and communicate those results to you so you can better understand how your fleet vehicles are making a difference in your organization.

How does one person get all of this done? The answer is slowly, methodically and with a lot of customer input from you! My plan is to start by sharing data on your fleet performance and listening to your feedback. I can then provide you with helpful recommendations, along with ways to utilize that data to create better and more useful insights for your company.

My favorite accomplishment so far has been to prove that the sustainability and performance savings my customers are achieving are consistent with what you expect. This has resulted in account reviews that have been rewarding to conduct. I love hearing from customers who had no idea how their vehicles were performing or what they could have expected. I want to do that for you! I want to understand your goals and needs—whether those relate to sustainability, MPG gains, basic operational details or something more complicated—and to do my best to deliver those through an open dialogue.

Our company is still growing, and we want to better understand what is important to you and provide relevant and accurate information so that we can inform our business and product development decisions in the best way possible for you. My goal for the future is to provide you with a platform that will allow you to directly access the information you need to be successful.  Here are some of the possibilities I envision and I would love to get your feedback on any additional ones that may be important to you:

  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Vehicle/Fleet Safety Assessment & Tracking
  • Vehicle and Fleet Usage Analysis
  • Sustainability
  • ROI
  • Actionable Feedback & Alerting
  • Reporting

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible! If you have questions, concerns or would just like chat with me about the data being generated by your vehicle(s), please get in touch by emailing me at jwalsh@xlfleet.com. I am excited to share our results and work with you to make our vehicles even better.

Stay tuned for more exciting information to come!  In the meantime, please let me know how I can help you become even more successful realizing your fleet goals.

What Customer Success Means to XL

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