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The Top 5 Questions Heard at NTEA

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Last week’s NTEA show was a huge success, and it was certainly a major showing for XL. Some of our highlights included an announcement of our company’s record sales in 2017, a corporate rebranding from XL Hybrids to XL, and the debut of our XLH hybrid electric Ford F-250 solution, which was on display in our booth.

Here’s a list of the top 5 questions we were asked by the hundreds of customers, prospects and partners we met at the show – both in our booth, and the neighboring Ford booth, where we were also on display. Please email us at info@xlfleet.com if you have additional questions that aren’t addressed in this blog. Let’s dig in!

1. How does your technology affect the operation of our vehicles? XL has worked hard to ensure there is absolutely no performance difference between an OEM vehicle and one that has been upfitted with an XL electrification system. Our approach ensures that the original OEM powertrain, transmission, exhaust and all other major systems of your vehicle remain intact – along with all OEM warranties. How do we do this? As our Sales Director David Breault says about XL’s simple system integration, “You are just a driveshaft away from an OEM vehicle!” This means minimal modifications, no need for driver training, and no compromises to driver expectations on performance. Our technology works hard for you in parallel to the OEM powertrain, so the only differences you’ll experience are 25-50% improvements in MPG and substantially reduced CO2 emissions.

2. How do we know it’s working once you’ve installed the hybrid system in our vehicles? The XL system uses electric assist and regenerative braking to create fuel economy improvements. Therefore, drivers should feel peppier vehicle acceleration, as well as enhanced braking on deceleration, almost like downshifting in a 5-speed vehicle. They’ll also be making considerably fewer trips to the gas station, saving valuable time and improving productivity while reducing fuel costs. Also, all XL systems come equipped with our XL Link vehicle connectivity platform, which provides a continuous window into your key vehicle performance data. We’re collecting millions of operational data points for our customers to access, including speed, idling, vehicle drive cycle, and vehicle charging behavior. Our MPG measurement data is second to none, so we can help you track performance in the field while providing the improvement figures you need to justify (and promote!) the ongoing value of your system.

3. What can we expect for vehicle improvements from XL’s HEV and PHEV systems? We have two vehicle options: the XLH hybrid electric system and the XLP plug-in hybrid electric system. Both offer substantial increases in MPG, with XLH-equipped vehicles seeing up to a 25% increase in MPG and a 20% reduction in carbon emissions, and XLP systems offering up to a 50% increase in MPG and a 33% reduction in carbon emissions. Along with those benefits, fleets will also see an uptick in brake life, and greater driver productivity (due to fewer time-consuming fill-ups), leading to more miles on the road and less time at the pump.

4. What is XL’s impact on the OEM factory warranty? The OEM warranty stays completely intact. XL has earned Ford’s prestigious Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) designation, and XL’s components come with a companion 3-year/75,000-mile “no questions asked” warranty for parts and labor.

5. What service needs and intervals are required to be performed on the XL system? All XL systems are virtually maintenance-free. Our only suggestions are to conduct periodic visual checks of the system underneath the vehicle, and refill the XL systems’ coolant level, if necessary, when the vehicle is receiving its normal preventative maintenance service.

Those were the top questions from NTEA – did we cover yours? If not, please provide any additional questions or comments below, or send them to info@xlfleet.com, and we will be happy to answer them. Thanks for your interest!

The Top 5 Questions Heard at NTEA

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