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Live, from New York: Verizon reorders fleet vehicles from XL Hybrids!


Keeping a telecom network up and running is an important and challenging job. Millions of customers depend on telephone, cable TV and Internet service in cities every minute of the day. So, when Verizon, which operates a telecom network spanning 15 states along the Eastern seaboard, specs out its fleet of telecom service vans, the company only selects vehicle equipment that is rugged and effective enough to operate for years of driving in dense metropolitan areas where traffic, weather and road conditions can be tough and unpredictable. And when Verizon was looking for a vehicle electrification technology to improve its fleet’s fuel economy, Verizon decided to team up with XL Hybrids and deploy our hybrid-electric upfit system for Chevy Express cargo vans.

What started as a small successful pilot of 16 vans in 2015, and then another 36 vans in 2016, has now expanded to nearly 300 vans, highlighted by Verizon’s recent deployment of 234 new hybrid-electric vans to service New York City customers.

“Given the size of our company and the number of people we connect across the globe, Verizon has a unique opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the environment,” said James Gowen, chief sustainability officer for Verizon. “With the addition of these hybrid vehicles, our fleet is as efficient as ever as we continue to use less fuel year after year. We thank NYSERDA for their partnership in helping to make this happen.”

Why has Verizon been satisfied with XL technology to authorize three successive deployments over the past few years? Three reasons: 1) XL’s proven expertise in vehicle electrification, 2) our technology’s seamless integration into Verizon’s fleet vans and its daily operations; and 3) over 1.4 million miles of nearly 100% vehicle uptime and fuel economy improvements in the program to date.

The XL Hybrids system is perfect for the harsh stop-and-go driving in metropolitan areas – especially New York City, where many Verizon vans operate. The XL system uses regenerative braking, which captures normally-wasted braking energy during vehicle deceleration, and electric assist during vehicle acceleration to improve fuel economy. With the help of XL Hybrids technology, Verizon has increased its fleet’s fuel economy, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and made progress on its announced corporate goal of reducing its carbon intensity by 50 percent within the next 10 years.

We’re excited to continue expanding our national relationship with Verizon by deploying these 234 vans into New York City. The office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has set a State goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030, is also enthusiastic about this hybrid van program. New York has taken bold action to become a national leader in the clean energy economy and is taking concrete, cost-effective steps today to safeguard this state’s environment for decades to come, Governor Cuomo said in a statement about his ambitious Clean Energy Standard.

Although wintry weather may be in store for New Yorkers in the coming months, the future looks bright for better vehicle fuel economy for hundreds of high mileage vans in the City.

Interested in learning how we can save money and create greener fleets together? Check out what’s behind the scenes for more.

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Live, from New York: Verizon reorders fleet vehicles from XL Hybrids!

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