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Why was an XL Hybrids employee in Ford’s booth?

Eddie Ford

I arrived at the recent Greenbuild and Architecture Boston Expo in Boston, and promptly was asked to change my shirt.

Why? I arrived wearing my crisp XL Hybrids button down shirt. However, my Ford Motor Company booth mates had other ideas for my attire. Since I would be working in Ford’s booth for the next two days at the Expo, I would now be wearing a shirt with The Blue Oval instead.

XL Hybrids van in Ford’s booth
Why was I at the Greenbuild Expo? Ford invited my company, XL Hybrids, to display a Ford Transit van upfitted with our XL3 hybrid-electric system. At an expo focusing on trends like sustainable buildings and architecture and with an expo attendee list filled with representatives from major building construction companies with fleets of thousands of work trucks and vans, Ford aimed to educate these Expo attendees about Ford’s electrified vehicle offerings with the XL Hybrids transit van as a booth centerpiece. (You can see from the photos that the XL Hybrids van looked great in Ford’s booth!)
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Why was an XL Hybrids employee in Ford’s booth?

Live, from New York: Verizon reorders fleet vehicles from XL Hybrids!


Keeping a telecom network up and running is an important and challenging job. Millions of customers depend on telephone, cable TV and Internet service in cities every minute of the day. So, when Verizon, which operates a telecom network spanning 15 states along the Eastern seaboard, specs out its fleet of telecom service vans, the company only selects vehicle equipment that is rugged and effective enough to operate for years of driving in dense metropolitan areas where traffic, weather and road conditions can be tough and unpredictable. And when Verizon was looking for a vehicle electrification technology to improve its fleet’s fuel economy, Verizon decided to team up with XL Hybrids and deploy our hybrid-electric upfit system for Chevy Express cargo vans.

What started as a small successful pilot of 16 vans in 2015, and then another 36 vans in 2016, has now expanded to nearly 300 vans, highlighted by Verizon’s recent deployment of 234 new hybrid-electric vans to service New York City customers.

“Given the size of our company and the number of people we connect across the globe, Verizon has a unique opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the environment,” said James Gowen, chief sustainability officer for Verizon. “With the addition of these hybrid vehicles, our fleet is as efficient as ever as we continue to use less fuel year after year. We thank NYSERDA for their partnership in helping to make this happen.”
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Live, from New York: Verizon reorders fleet vehicles from XL Hybrids!