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Let Them See You’re Driving Green

You’ve done your research into XL Hybrids. You’re excited about the fuel savings and sustainability benefits of deploying XL technology. And you’ve ordered your new vehicles with XL3 Hybrid Electric Systems. Now it’s time to decide how you’re going to visually demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

We recommend you go BIG and go BOLD! Let’s turn your vehicles into mobile billboards that announce your corporate sustainability leadership.

Adding hybrid decals, and/or graphical wraps to your fleet vehicles, can deliver big benefits. Green branding shows your customers and community you’re making a meaningful difference in the environment. Vehicle signage strengthens awareness of your company’s brand, business strategy, and products and services.

In fact, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that decals and vehicle wraps can create as many as 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day depending on the location of the vehicle. Whether moving along the highway, parked in front of your business, or picking passengers up, your green-branded vehicles will get noticed.

How can XL Hybrids help your fleet with green branding?
To help fleets promote their sustainability efforts, XL Hybrids offers three different turnkey branding options:
1. HYBRID decals and badging package (standard with XL upfit)
2. Sustainability Awareness package with our larger Going Green, Driving Clean messaging
3. Custom vehicle wrap design and installation

HYBRID Decals and Badging Package
Each XL Hybrids upfit comes with the Standard Decal and Badging Package. This package includes two 9x20″ decals with a leaf and the words HYBRID next to it. Depending on the color of your vehicles, we offer this decal in either green or white. Most customers ask to have these placed on the rear quarter panels of the vehicle. In addition, all vehicles come standard with the XL Hybrids badge. This small badge is placed on the back right corner.

Sustainability Awareness Package
If you’re looking to draw even more attention to your commitment to sustainability, we offer the Sustainability Awareness Package. You can pick from a round decal that measure 14.75x 17″ that says ‘HYBRID ELECTRIC: We’re Driving Green!’ or the larger oval decal that measures 40x17″ that says ‘HYBRID ELECTRIC: Going Green, Driving Clean.’ These decals come in white, green or black depending on the color of your vehicle. These decals can be purchased for a small fee and be installed by your staff or they can be installed by our hybrid upfitters (cost of the decal and installation fee would be added to your invoice).

Custom Vehicle Wrap
Let us help you make your vehicles into mobile billboards to highlight your corporate sustainability leadership. XL Hybrids can design custom vehicle wraps to showcase your brand and sustainability commitment. Our experienced design team will create designs for you based on your key brand elements, budget, vehicle style and color. XL Hybrids can help manage the entire process for you using our nationwide network of installation partners.

Regardless of which decal package or wrap you select, you will show your customers and community your company is making a meaningful difference in the environment.

Let Them See You’re Driving Green

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