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In our recent webinar, top fleet professionals from Yale University and the City of Boston shared their strategies for using electric hybrids to cut emissions in van and chassis fleets.

Ron Gitelman, Fleet Management Program Administrator for Yale University shared an overview of Yale’s Sustainability in Transportation program, which has a goal of reducing the environmental and financial impact of the University’s transportation needs while enhancing the quality of life for all users of New Haven’s streets. As part of the program’s initiatives, Yale’s fleet includes seven vans with the XL3® hybrid electric drive system and Ron noted, “They are exceeding our expectations for emissions and fuel savings and the green branding really helps our image here in New Haven.”

Ron told participants the hybrid shuttles are exceeding expectations for CO2 emissions reduction and fuel savings. “We are seeing great uptime. We started about one and a half to two years ago and we have seen no downtime due to the hybrid system.” When asked what drivers think about the hybrid shuttles, Ron told the audience, “The bus managers tell me the drivers really enjoy it, I have heard no complaints about it, they find it easy to use and believe me if there were problems with driving it, I would have heard the complaints by now.”

Ron finished is presentation by saying, “I foresee us continuing to order more hybrid vehicles.”

Matt Bradley, Central Fleet Management Division for the Boston Public Works Department, talked about the City’s fleet, which includes 130 hybrids vehicles, 21 of which were upfitted with the XL3 hybrid system, and told the participants.  We have been very happy with the results.  Matt went on to say, “The ability to upfit and retrofit 21 vehicles in our existing fleet has allowed us to see immediate sustainability benefits and operating cost savings.”  Matt also explained, “The hybrids have been great in this environment of stop-and-go,” and added that “XL Link (XL Hybrids’ cloud-based connectivity and analytics system) is a great tool and easy to use.”

The webinar also covered:

  • Getting the most impact with hybrid electric vehicles
  • How data tracks the path to success
  • Proven, simple hybrid installation solution
  • How to promote your sustainability accomplishments

The webinar is now available online.

David Breault is XL Hybrid’s business development director, specializing in the Government and Educational Sectors.

Watch our Webinar for Proven, Quick Wins for Meeting Fleet Sustainability Goals

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