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XL Hybrids Makes it Easy to Order XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive Systems

Hybrid Installation Locations

Questions we at XL Hybrids often hear from fleet customers about the XL3 Hybrid Drive System include:

– How do I wrap XL Hybrids upfits into my new vehicle purchases?
– How do I retrofit my vehicles already in service?
– Can XL Hybrids systems be installed on leased vehicles?
– Does XL Hybrids offer hybrid systems in Canada?

Our goal is to make it simple. Yes, on new vehicle purchases, you can order XL3 systems at the same time as you order your vehicles. We can work directly with your preferred dealer to provide quotes, detailed production information, and the right upfitter ship-thru codes. In terms of upfitters, we have sales and installation partnerships with Ford and General Motors ship-through partners such as Leggett & Platt® CVP, the Knapheide Manufacturing Company®., Adrian Steele®, and , Farmbro® in Canada. These installation partners can upfit new vehicles or retrofit existing ones and are located throughout the US and Canada.

Did you know that the team at XL Hybrids can work directly with your FMC or leasing companies? In fact, once you decide to deploy XL3 hybrid electric systems on your vehicles, we will handle all logistics and paperwork with your fleet management company to make things seamless for you.

Whether you purchase directly from XL, or from your preferred upfitter, fleet management company or dealer, we offer free Fleet Analysis so you can assess how the XL3 Hybrid system can help your fleet improve MPG and meet sustainability goals. Call now!

XL Hybrids Makes it Easy to Order XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive Systems

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