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Electrified Pickups Have Arrived. (Really!)


For years, fleets have been hearing about the impending rise of electrified pickups.  They’ve kept a hopeful eye on the market, waiting for these versatile vehicles to revolutionize the work truck industry with their high performance and low environmental impact.   Unfortunately, many of those early claims short-circuited, along with the companies trying to bring those products to market.

As a result, there’s a healthy skepticism today around any claims of an electrified pickup truck that can simultaneously meet the needs of the driver, the fleet manager, and the sustainability executive.  But that vision has very much become a reality, with XL’s Fleet-Ready™ electrified versions of America’s best-selling trucks.  Our hybrid electric Ford F-250 and plug-in hybrid electric F-150 pickups are here today.  They’re road-tested, independently validated, and racking up sustainable mileage for commercial and municipal fleets across North America.

Since 2009, XL has been revolutionizing the fleet industry with hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric versions of some of the industry’s most popular and proven OEM vehicles, including box trucks, cutaways, stripped chassis, transit vans and more.  We’ve now added electrified Ford F-series pickups to our product lineup, and the response – from the media, environmental agencies, and, most importantly, our customers – has been tremendous.  Here are a few of the highlights.

  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) approval on both the hybrid F-250 and the plug-in hybrid F-150, marking an automotive industry-leading 14 total CARB executive orders for XL.
  • Volume sales and shipping of both the HEV F-250 and the PHEV F-150 across North America, as commercial and municipal customers are adding both vehicles by the dozens to their individual fleets.
  • A major push to adopt our PHEV F-150 pickups by electric utilities like CPS Energy in San Antonio, who recently added 34 of the pickups to their fleet. CPS is a 100 Best Fleets award winner who has been repeatedly recognized for their commitment to sustainability, and we’re helping them to move toward the “holy grail” of fleet electrification.

Real trucks.  Real performance.  And real results.  Electrified pickups have arrived, and they’re already adding to our nearly 75 million road miles of sustainable, money-saving driving for our customers, who are enjoying a 25-50% increase in MPG with substantial reductions in emissions.  All with no range concerns, performance limitations or operational changes.

The long-awaited promise of electrified pickups is finally a reality.  Let’s drive.


Electrified Pickups Have Arrived. (Really!)

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